What does digitalization have to do with emotions? A lot. In the process of digitalization in companies, one of the main problems is the employees’ fear and resistance to change.

On Friday I held a Workshop at the Fachhochschule Nordwestschweiz within the CAS Digital Business Development.

The students experienced through practical exercises, how to be better leaders learning to manage their own emotions and those of their teams. They also learned how to detect possible trouble spots in their company before they become uncontrollable.

Emotional leadership is undoubtedly a competitive advantage when it comes to navigating change processes in companies, such as digitalization.

I was delighted to be with this group of people interested in digitalization, leadership, in learning more every day to do their best work.

Are you interested in this topic? What is your experience in digitalization and the people who work in your company? I would love to read your comment.

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