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Do you feel lonely?.EN

We are more than seven billion people on Earth. We are all surrounded by people, and still, one in three adults feel lonely (1)(2).
Loneliness is the lack of social connection. It is related to a 50% higher risk of an early death, according to Holt Lunstad. How you feel, can actually kill you.

How many relationships do you have with people you can trust? With people you can count on? Who are the people you can share a problem with and not feel judged?

At work, feeling lonely causes stress, lack of motivation, low productivity and turnover. As a leader you should create a culture of trust, not competitiveness among coworkers.

As an individual, if you feel lonely, there is something you can do:
Look for lonely people around you at work and make them feel that they can count on you. Don’t be shy. Talk to them. Be nice. Help them. Expect nothing in return. They won’t feel lonely anymore, and neither will you.


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