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Write. EN

I always make my clients write. All of them. Depending on the area they want to improve, the first thing I ask them is to write down their thoughts, to record their emotions, their goals, their problems... 

Writing is a system of communication between humans, but it is also the way to communicate with yourself.

Many times we create thoughts and emotions that prevent us from growing. They come and go, they are like birds impossible to catch. 

Writing is the way to catch those thoughts and emotions, because by writing them they take physical form on paper, and we make them more conscious.

Reading what you have written allows you to recognize, eliminate and change negative thoughts and false beliefs that provoke anxiety, stress, fear or sadness. These thoughts are what paralyze you and prevent you from achieving your goals.

Keep in mind that you should preferably write by hand. Hand-eye-mind coordination improves focus and memory, and therefore the effectiveness of our psychological work. 

Are you thinking of making a gift? Give a notebook and a pen, and tell your relative or friend that it is a notebook to write down their thoughts every day. You'll be giving him a mirror to get to know himself better.

Do you want to change your life? Write!

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