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“I don´t understand, mum. I was wrong but why did my teacher get

mad at me? Don´t we go to school to learn? If I knew everything, I wouldn´t need her”. 

This was told to a mother from a seven year old child after school. He felt dejected after he got told off for having painted a supposed green zone from the page with a brown color.

Throughout our education we have learnt that being wrong is bad. In this process we have all lost a part of our risk capacity and our itch of discovering and exploring.

My mission is to design 

environments in companies where people feel safe when they take risks, explore, experiment and create, following some rules.

To learn rules, to take risks, to experiment, to explore, to create… That´s exactly what kids do when they learn their mother´s language. At the end of this process they master it with the greatest perfection.

This is the process you have to follow to reach excellence in your company.

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