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Humans and much of the animal kingdom unconsciously evaluate our fellow men according to their posture. In business, posture is a very powerful tool.

Note: A stooped posture conveys insecurity, fear, shyness or submission. 

An upright and expansive posture conveys security, mastery and control. 

Your posture not only influences how others perceive you, but how you perceive yourself. When you put your back straight, your body generates 19% more testosterone (power hormone and assertiveness), and 25% lower your cortisol (stress hormone). 

According to Amy Cudy, a Harvard psychologist who is an expert in the psychological influence of body posture, an expansive body language generates: Sensation of power, confidence, optimism and stress reduction, among other positive effects. 

The danger is in the use of screens.

Look at people's posture when using mobile phones, or other electronic devices. Look at the necks. It's what New Zealand psychotherapist Steve August calls the i-joroba. The smaller the screen, the more pronounced the i-hump. This posture not only causes muscle problems in the neck and back, but also reduces our assertiveness unconsciously. 

Take care of your posture, especially when you work. You will improve your physical state, your psychological state, your safety and influence on others, you will feel more optimistic and happy.

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